BUSINESS PROCESS MANAGEMENT  evaluar las políticas, las normas y los procedimientos para que sean utilizados en beneficio de su negocio


Outsourcing of accounting in a personalized way for each client. We are highly specialized and prepared to keep up with the constant changes

Merger and Acquisition (M&A)

Prepare the organizations that intend to seek investors, the sale of the company or, even, make a self-assessment of their risks.


SERVICES developed according to your needs. Specialists with solid experience in the areas of tax and corporate law

Internal Audit

Verification of policies, standards, procedures, applicable legislation and accounting and tax procedures by specialized and trained professionals.


Specialized services performed by the right people. The area of ​​human resources is a relevant component of the business


MAKING the business world a smaller place. Competence in advising companies on problem solving


Professional EXPERIENCE, which meets all certification demands. We have added significant differentials in the auditing process


Auditoria, Revisão, Laudo, Perícia, IPO, Reporting Package e IFRS.

About PP&C


PP&C Independent Auditors is a firm of auditors and specialists in the tax and business consulting areas.


PP&C Independent Auditors offices are located in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Manaus. The team is made up of over 100 highly trained and qualified professionals.


Technicians are hired in the beginnings of their careers, joining the team on a permanent basis and receiving ongoing training, designed to keep them up to date and capable of accompanying, at the cutting edge, the needs and expectations of its clients. The commitment of all its professionals in seek in the best solutions for clients is another striking characteristic of the staff.



What defines the success of your business?

How can PP&C work in your company?

PP&C has highly skilled, experienced and business-focused experts who are prepared to handle the challenges of Audit, Tax, Advisory, Labor and other special projects. The expertise acquired with more than 30 years of experience in the areas of auditing and business consulting, produces effectively differentiated results.

How important is the audit?

An internal audit is able to identify the efficiency of internal controls and policies defined by the company. Through an action plan it is possible to minimize the irregularities, risks and improve the operations and results of the contracting companies.

How to apply Compliance techniques?

A compliance program is applicable to any type of organization for the purpose of anticipating, detecting and responding to situations that endanger the company’s objectives. Before its implementation, it is necessary to establish the organizational culture, evaluate the risks and identify the regulations to which the organization is subject.

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