Leonardo dos Santos
Business Development Manager

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Marcos A. Rodrigues
Advisory Partner

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Allan Torre
Corporate Finance Director

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Aline Poiani
Advisory Director

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Fabricio Liani
IT Advisory Manager

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Marcel Guerra
Advisory Manager

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Advisory Manager

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Claudio Matos
Advisory Manager

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Vanessa da Silva Matos
Advisory Manager

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“MAKING the business world a smaller place”

Business Consulting

The study and evaluation of methods and management profile, control and conduct of the business, provide opportunities to discuss concepts, evaluate the managers responsible for conducting the business, question and suggest new operational forms and methods, resulting in greater coordination, operational security and the identification of cost reduction opportunities.

PP&C has several successful cases in the rebuilding and development of new strategies to transform the results of companies, increase productivity and growth opportunities, all achieved in complex business environments under a constant changing process.

This work includes:

  • Analysis of processes in the production, purchasing, finance, management and accounting areas, resulting in improved efficiency and productivity, reduced errors and the elimination of activities that do not add value to the business
  • Quality analysis of budgets, monthly monitoring and evaluation of the strategy and the effective possibility of achieving the established assumptions
  • Cash management evaluation
  • Evaluation of pricing and margin criteria
  • Analysis of the composition and calculation criteria of fixed and variable costs
  • Auditing of product technical sheets
  • Auditing of cycles, shut-downs, set-ups and losses
  • Evaluation of definition criteria for the installed capacity (OEE)
  • Auditing of productivity and quality indicators of the different areas
  • Evaluation of the adopted tax system for IRPJ [Corporate Income Tax] and CSLL [Social Contribution on Net Income]
  • Evaluation of tax planning alternatives with direct and indirect taxes
  • Evaluation and presentation of conclusion relating to the effective capacity of business cash generation
  • Analysis and evaluation of the integrity and integration level of information systems

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