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E-Social’s release is scheduled for 2016. E-Social is the means by which all labor, social security and tax information will be provided on the hiring and the use of costly labor, with or without an employment relationship.

Through this electronic control, which will become a monthly ancillary obligation, companies will need to inform all data and information on their payrolls in detail. For example, employee vacation dates must be informed 30 days in advance and will subsequently be crosschecked electronically with the transmitted payroll data. There must be no data conflicts.

This way, tax authorities will audit business information remotely and may even crosscheck with accounting, tax, social and individual income tax returns etc.

PP&C’s main services in the implementation of E-Social are:

  • Check that the Payroll System meets the requirements of tax authorities, as it must have E-Social’s layout, with information fields on employees that should be filled in by the employer
  • Analyze the registration qualification, with validation and possible correction of data such as CPF (individual taxpayer register) and the enrollment with PIS/PASEP (Social Integration Program) of all employees
  • Training of the professionals who will be in charge of the implementation of the E-Social
  • Integration between the areas for the implementation of the new obligation
  • Action plan for regularization of identified gaps

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