Merger and Acquisition (M&A)

The work of PP&C consists in preparing organizations that intend to seek investors, selling the c:ompany or even making a self-assessment of risks

Prior identification of potential risks and tax, labor and social security contingencies

  • Advice in the definition of the sale price through the preparation of evaluations under the discounted cash flow or other methods
  • Support in the discussion of contingencies in the negotiation process

PP&C is recognized for its experience, competence and expertise in supporting the discussions of critical issues and complex transactions, contributing positively to both the buyer and the seller at the "trading desk".

  • Tax planning of the operation
  • Validation of assets and identification of tax, labor and social security contingencies
  • Necessary adjustments to the EBITDA in accordance with the potential risks and identified adjustments
  • Support in negotiation, formalization of the operation and post-acquisition
  • Strategic business analysis

Services Offered

Assistance in the preparation of Data Room

Organization and management of the documentation and financial, accounting, tax and labor/social security information that involve the disclosure to potential buyers, in a fast, controlled and safe manner.

Assistance in the preparation and evaluation of EBITDA

PP&C has experience and qualified professionals to assist companies in identifying opportunities for improvement in EBITDA in accordance with accounting standards, legislation in force and market opportunities.