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“MAKING the business world a smaller place”

Implementation of reporting channels and Ombudsman Department

The use of a reporting channel and the creation of an Internal Analysis Committee aims to gather opinions from the organization’s employees, suppliers and customers, which are recorded as complaints, criticisms, suggestions, denunciations or compliments in an anonymous, confidential and safe manner.

The main advantages of an ombudsman department are:

  • Strengthening the image, culture, beliefs and values of the organization
  • Contribution to the longevity of the organization
  • Reduction of legal liabilities against the organization through anticipated and administrative solutions to conflicts
  • Increased satisfaction of customers, employees, suppliers and users of products and services with the processes, products or services acquired
  • Reduction of operational costs through process improvements

  • PP&C can assist in the implementation of a Denunciations Committee and in the structuring of the Internal Analysis Committee

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