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“MAKING the business world a smaller place”

PMI – Post Merger Integration

The business integration process after acquisitions and mergers can take months or even years if not handled properly. Business synergy is crucial for this process to occur in a safe and sustainable manner. A follow-up conducted by independent specialists during this moment is important to capture the business value and seek the optimization of professionals, businesses and processes.

Seeking an organized integration process, PP&C formed a specialized team with highly qualified professionals to help your company complete a successful integration.

The main activities developed are:

  • • Development of a strategic committee for decision-making
  • • Scope development and assistance in describing the necessary activities for integration (“from”-“to”)
  • • Development of an integrated schedule with the key activities across the different departments and processes
  • • Evaluation of operational risk management during the process
  • • Participation as project manager (definition of deadlines and team management)
  • • Development of an action plan for the risks identified
  • • Monitoring and presentation of results (evolution of the project).

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