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Business Development Manager

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Andrea Lo Buio Copola
Labor Director

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Heloina Elisa Silva de Goes
Labor Manager

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“Specialized SERVICES carried out by the right people"

The human resources department is an important business component and involves managing people, talent, payroll and social security obligations and, above all, a significant amount of resources. In this department, the risks are diverse and relevant, especially given the complexity of labor standards, labor agreements, union agreements and various regulations governing the labor and social security practices in Brazil. This complexity can lead to discussions with employees in the labor courts, fines by the labor and social security authorities, often resulting in significant financial losses.

Payroll Auditing

PP&C’s specialized labor and social security consultancy is prepared to assist companies in understanding and applying complex labor and social security laws in order to prevent and mitigate labor and social security liabilities.

PP&C’s services include the review of key processes and the application of tests in order to draw conclusions about their adequacy:

  • Hiring necessity and approval
  • Salary review and approval
  • Turnover and formalization
  • Payroll generation
  • Payroll checking
  • Payroll transmission for payments and reconciliation
  • Calculation, approval and collection of payroll charges
  • Payroll integration and accounting
  • Review of approval profiles
  • Organization of employee required document files (records)
  • Benefits
  • Organization of the information technology department in relation to the payroll processes
  • Standards on segregation of duties and access controls
  • General backup program
  • Positions and salaries

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